Mirtec S.A. Web App Developement

Integrated Non-Compliance Incidents Management Web Platform

Evetam logbook has been designed specifically for fast-growing daily workflow needs of MIRTEC S.A. – (Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre).
The solution enables Mirtec S.A. to automate core business processes like non-compliance incidents and improve it’s overall operational efficiency as users have a better well updated overview of all non-compliance incidents in all 5 branches all over Greece.
Evetam Logbook web-platform is remarkably easy-to-use and doesn’t require specialized skill set. The platform consists of a login function offered only for EBETAM employees that supervise all the companies need to be certified and it is used in a national level in order to successfully sort all their cases (at least 120 per month). It delivers greater business value in key areas daily operational competence.

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