Portfolio 3

  • LIFE+ ClimAGRI

    LIFE+ ClimAGRI

    Selected Farmer participating in ClimAGRI program conducted by  the European Conservation Agriculture Federation. One of the challenges of CAP 2020…

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  • Argo Film Festival

    Argo Film Festival

    Co-Founder and Chief Administrative Officer at the Argo Film Festival (aka Vollywood) a non-profit, volunteer run organization in Volos, Greece.…

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  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Since 2009 i have completed successfully many websites for both commercial and personal use. E-shops, hotels, food stores, import companies…

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  • Differentiated Fertilization System in Wheat Crop Fields

    Differentiated Fertilization System in W

    This project is a part of my and my colleague's (George Varvarelis) University Thesis. Our goal is to develop a…

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  • Mirtec S.A. Web App Developement

    Mirtec S.A. Web App Developement

    Integrated Non-Compliance Incidents Management Web Platform Evetam logbook has been designed specifically for fast-growing daily workflow needs of MIRTEC S.A.…

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  • System Programming – Kernel Level (Ubuntu 11.04)

    System Programming – Kernel Level

    During this University Project, we were asked to develop various System Module modifications at Kernel Level under the supervision of…

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  • 5-stage pipeline MIPS CPU implementation 32bit

    5-stage pipeline MIPS CPU implementation

    A final project for CE232 course at University of Thessaly under the direction of Dr. Nikolaos Bellas. The project’s purpose…

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