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Differentiated Fertilization System in Wheat Crop Fields

This project is a part of my and my colleague's (George Varvarelis) University Thesis. Our goal is to develop a fully automated system which will collect data from both NDVI and Distance Sensors and divide a wheat field into several zones based on the average Nitrogen needs of crops and differentiate the amount of fertilizer…
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Mirtec S.A. Web App Developement

Integrated Non-Compliance Incidents Management Web Platform Evetam logbook has been designed specifically for fast-growing daily workflow needs of MIRTEC S.A. – (Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre). The solution enables Mirtec S.A. to automate core business processes like non-compliance incidents and improve it’s overall operational efficiency as users have a better well updated overview…
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System Programming – Kernel Level (Ubuntu 11.04)

During this University Project, we were asked to develop various System Module modifications at Kernel Level under the supervision of Dr. Christos Antonopoulos (cda@inf.uth.gr). At first, we had to develop the preemptive scheduling algorithm "Shortest Job First" or SJF. Our policy should take into account the time that has elapsed since the last execution of…
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