Dimitri and Georgios are one of the few project teams I have had this term, in CE232-Computer Organization and Design course, that could truly grasp and apply the concepts behind designing and simulating a MIPS microprocessor. The specifications of the the project involved understanding a pipeline architecture along with the forwarding, hazard and flushing units of the processor. The above ideas required to be proficient in the Verilog language in order to achieve the maximum score of the project. Dimitri's team excelled at the task. They came up with an efficient code which was easily readable and when assembled, the correct output from the processor was successfully achieved.

George Floros, Phd Candidate - University of Thessaly

Dimitri has those much sort-after qualities of being fast, effective and innovative in his approach. Drawing on his considerable skill-set and experience, he really does bring it all together to create real-world solutions which will undoubtedly help the way you do business. I therefore thoroughly recommend him for all your IT and web needs.

Ross Robertson, Director of Ethos Trade Pty. Ltd. An Australian Registered Company

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